‘Trials within Cohorts’ Symposium 2014

TwiCs_LogoSince the publication in 2010 of the innovative ‘cohort multiple randomised controlled trial’ design (http://www.bmj.com/content/340/bmj.c1066), there has been growing interest in conducting multiple trials within cohorts.

Yorkshire & Humber and North Thames CLAHRCs are jointly holding a ‘Trials within Cohorts’ symposium this November at LSHTM on the design – the purpose of which to advance the development and application of this pragmatic trial design. Over a dozen triallists from the UK, Canada and Netherlands with hands on experience of the ‘cohort multiple RCT’ design are coming together to share what they have learnt and to discuss the ethical, statistical and practical challenges of the design. Day one will showcase the work and learning of these triallists and end with an expert panel discussion on the design. The second day will focus on (i) drawing up reporting guidelines for this design and (ii) the role of the design for surgery.

We invite all researchers interested in practical trial design to participate in this two day symposium. For more information or to book go to: http://www.shef.ac.uk/scharr/sections/ph/conferences/twics/home


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