ScHARR Alcohol Researchers Give Evidence at Irish Parliament

Off-License SignThere would be almost 200 fewer alcohol-related deaths in Ireland every year with the introduction of a minimum alcohol price of €1 per unit, Government commissioned research has shown. The report, details of which were produced before the Oireachtas Joint Health Committee, show a minimum unit price of €1 per standard drink will result in:

  • 8.8% fall in overall consumption.
  • 197 fewer deaths 20 years after the policy is introduced — a 16% drop.
  • 5,900 fewer hospital admissions — a 10% drop.
  • 1,500 less criminal offences in the first year.
  • 116,000 less days absent from work.
  • €1.7 billion in cost savings to society after 20 years.
  • €1.1bn in health savings, €103m in crime savings and €237m in workplace savings.

“There is strong and consistent evidence that price increases reduce alcohol consumption and related harm,” Dr John Holmes of the Sheffield University Alcohol Research Group told the committee.

Read more at The Irish Examiner


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