Public Health Newsletter Issue 5 – May 2017

headermarkstrong1Welcome to the latest issue of the ScHARR Public Health newsletter. In this issue we are very proud to be reporting that one of our recent PhD graduates, Sarita Panday, is off to Stanford to do a post-doc fellowship – well done Sarita! We also have other good news to report – Rebecca Pradeilles, who was with us as a Research Fellow until a year ago, is back. Rebecca will be working with Michelle Holdsworth, Hibbah Saeed and others on projects relating to dietary transitions in African cities.

We’ve won some interesting new grants – in particular Clare Relton’s project “Fresh Street”, which will explore the feasibility of using targeted cash incentives to increase fruit and veg consumption within neighbourhoods with high levels of socio-economic deprivation and low fruit and veg consumption.

As you can see, a bit of a nutrition theme at the moment – I’m doing my bit by trying to ensure both cake and fruit are at each section meeting…..

Public Health PhD graduate off to Stanford University

One of our recent PhD graduates, Sarita Panday has been selected for the Postdoctoral Fellowship in Developing Asia Health Policy for 2017-18 at Stanford Asia Health Policy Program and the Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policy (APO) at Stanford University in the USA.
This is a fantastic opportunity for Sarita and we extend our best wishes and good luck for the fellowship which will start at the end of September 2017 and extend for 10 months.

You can read more about Sarita’s story here.

We have been awarded £55k from the Health Foundation to build on our research on primary healthcare’s response to new migrants. It is an Evidence into Practice grant with Liz Such as PI, Sarah Salway as senior steer and Liz Walton from AUPMC. We have two main partners – Doctors of the World UK and the tech firm YooMee. This work will start in April 2017 for 15 months – CLAHRC YH Public Health and Inequalities and Kate Pickett’s Health Inequalities strand are providing match to support the project. You can read the Health Foundation’s press release here.

The FRESH Street Project

Our ScHARR based team (in collaboration with Dr Megan Blake from Geography) have been awarded MRC PHIND funding (£149,000) to develop an area (street) based cash transfer scheme to promote healthy eating in areas of high deprivation. During this 18 month project we will work with key stakeholders in Barnsley to develop and then feasibility test a scheme which will target individuals of all ages (children, adults and older adults) in areas with low fresh fruit and vegetable and high processed food consumption and high social and economic deprivation. 

This innovative public health intervention aims to:

(i) increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption
(ii) encourage new purchasing, food preparation and eating patterns in the short term; and in the longer term
(iii) reduce food poverty and improve health outcomesIf successful, this intervention is likely to increase social cohesion and strengthen the resilience of local sustainable food systems and the food choice architecture.

Staff news

Welcoming new staff

Hibbah Saeed joined us on 1 May 2017 as a Research Associate in Global Public Health Nutrition. Hibbah will work across two research projects led by Michelle Holdsworth investigating dietary transitions in African cities.

Rebecca Pradeilles, a familiar face to some of us having worked in Public Health section previously and also as an Honorary, will be back from 1 May as a Research Fellow working alongside Michelle and Hibbah.

Goodbye and good luck

Sarah Hollely, Communications Officer on the SPHR Project left on 27 April. We wish her well in her new job at the INSIGNEO Institute here at the University.

Mel Rimmer is taking the ‘Big Walk 2017’

Mel will be taking part in the forthcoming Big Walk, which takes place 30 June to 1 July 2017. Walking 50 miles in 24 hours to raise money for the Sheffield Scanner. Mel would really appreciate your sponsorship – you can find Mel’s justgiving page here or you can text “MELR51 £5” (or any other amount) to 70070- a ‘big’ thank you from Mel.

Good luck to you Mel!


Julie Balen on achieving recognition as a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy through the Learning and Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme.


Julie Dickinson has been elected to staff membership of the Senate for the period 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2020. The Senate’s role is to oversee the teaching and research of the University and the admission and regulation of students.

Hosting the Nigeria Patient Safety Conference in Lagos

The THET (Tropical Health Education Trust) project is a Health Partnership between ScHARR (the University of Sheffield), The Health Education Trust (THET) in the UK, Bayero University, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital and Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe.

Muhammad Saddiq through (THET) patient safety project successfully hosted the first ever Nigeria Patient Safety Conference in Lagos on 14 March 2017. The conference brought together 100 of the top leadership from health institutions across Nigeria to disseminate the experience of implementing changes aimed at improving patient safety culture in the two partner hospitals. Leadership of health institutions across the country were targeted because of their role in leading change in their respective organisations and also in educating the healthcare workforce. An important outcome of the conference is the celebrations among participants to set up a Nigeria Patient Safety Forum which will serve as an advocacy platform to government and practitioners towards actions aimed at accelerating the improvement in patient safety culture in the country.

Speakers at the Conference

Whilst in Nigeria, Muhammad was invited to participate in an interview for a breakfast show on Nigeria’s national broadcast channel as a follow up to the conference. The discussion focused on medical negligence, an important component of patient safety. The programme also included audience engagement through social media – you can listen to Muhammad’s interview here.

Clare Relton was recently invited to give a talk at Kings College, London entitled Trials within Cohorts (TwiCs) What are they and how are they being used? as part of the Cancer Epidemiology Population and Global Health Programme Seminar Series.

Recent Publications

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